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Self-Regulating Cable

The Warmup Self-Regulating Cable protects against dangerous build-up of snow and ice on roofs, within gutters and downpipes and prevents pipes from freezing.


Roof and Gutter De-icing

Pipe Frost Protection

Drain Frost Protection

The self-regulating heating cable has a special conductive core between the two bus wires. This core becomes more conductive during cold ambient conditions; therefore the heating cable will increase its wattage per linear metre, in response to the cold. This feature makes it ideal for the freeze protection of exposed surfaces in the winter.

This type of cable will also decrease its power output (watts per linear metre), in warmer conditions, when the higher temperature will make the special core less conductive.

Although its called “self-regulating,” this cable will NOT turn itself completely on or off. So, we do recommend that some degree of control should be used with this type of heating cable (can be a simple led switch or a temperature controller).

The cable is well suited for roof and gutter applications as well for pipe frost protection.

Key Benefits


Energy efficiency

Heats only when necessary


Easy to install


UV resistant

Can be exposed to direct sunlight


Cut to length

Can be cut on-site to the exact length required


Under heating or Overheating

Unlike constant wattage, there is no worry about under heating or over heating

Guarantee & Warranty

SafetyNet Installation Guarantee

If you accidentally damage the heating system during installation, return it to Warmup and we will replace it with another system of the same make and model free of charge.

5 Year Warranty

This product comes with a 5 Year Warranty. We are completely confident in the standard of our products.

Operating voltage 220-230V AC, 50Hz
Power rating 20W/m at 10ºC
Cable diameter 10,6 x 5,9mm
Insulation Thermoplastic elastomer
Resistance tolerance ±5%
Minimum/maximum temperature -30ºC to 85ºC
Operating temperature 70ºC
Minimum bending radius 25mm
UV resistant yes
Certificates fi accreditations-CE

Also needed

Temperature Controller

Choosing the correct control system is crucial in ensuring that the heating system works in the best possible way, efficiently and easily

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Depending on the type of application, a ground or roof sensor will be needed

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Depending on the type of application there is a diverse range of accessories to fix the cable.

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