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Outdoor Heating Controlles and Sensors

Warmup offers a wide range of controllers and sensors for outdoor heating solutions.

ETO-2 Controller

An intelligent all-in-one solution for ice and snow melting.

The ETO2 is a control system for ice and snow melting. Using readings from temperature and moisture sensors, the controller ensures economical control of power consumption.

ETR-2 Controller

The ETR2 provides ice and snow melt control for small applications.

ETOG-55 (Ground Sensor)

The ETOG sensor is designed for embedding in the surface of the outdoor area, and measures ground temperature and moisture.

ETOR-55 (Roof and Gutter Sensor)

The ETOR sensor is designed for installation on roof and gutters.

The sensor detects moisture and is mounted in combination with an ETF outdoor temperature sensor.

ETF-744 (Temperature Sensor)

The ETF-744 sensor measures the outdoor temperature.