Mirror demisters - Brief installation guide

Before installing
  • Ensure that the demister is of a correct size for the mirror - A 10mm gap between the edges of the mirror and the demister should remain after installation. Check that the selected mirror is fit for purpose for eg. the mirror should be completely flat and free of crack lines.
  • NO accessories or other materials should be fixed to the mirror surface as this can create uneven temperatures and stress upon the mirror. It is recommended that a mirror with tempered glass is used, as some other mirrors may crack due to operational temperatures. Check with the manufacturer if you are unsure.
  1. Mark the location of the demister on the back of the mirror and apply the self-adhesive heating film with firm, even pressure (ensure no air bubbles are trapped at any time).
  2. Position the connector block that is attached to the heater, and if necessary, cut a recess in the wall for a flush fit.
  3. Affix mirror to the wall as per mirror manufacturer`s guidelines, ensuring that no cables or connectors are trapped behind the mirror.
  4. The demister can either be connected directly to a switched light circuit, which will activate the demister when the light is switched on, OR via a separate switch connected to the main lighting circuit.
  5. Final connections should be made by a certified electrician in accordance with current regulations..
Larger Mirrors
If more than 1 demister is to be installed for the same mirror, wiring MUST be in parallel.
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