WLFH foil heating system installation guide

Step 1
Before installing, draw an installation plan showing the placement of the foil mats, floor sensor, and junction box or boxes. The foil heating system should cover at least 80-90% of the floor area of your room to be used as a primary heat source.
Step 2
Clean all debris from the floor base and place the insulation boards as per the manufacturer’s instructions. And then clean all debris from the surface of the insulating material.
Step 3
Roll out the foil heating mats on top of the insulating material. Ensure that each heating mat is completely flat. Make sure that the connection leads are on the side of the mat that is closest to the location of the electrical junction box.
Step 4
Stretch the Foil heating mats and secure them to the floor with the aluminium tape. Where required, additional duct tape can be used. Tape the sensor down with masking or box tape, positioning it in-between element wires of the foil system. Run the sensor cable off the heater and back to the thermostat in the same channel as the power supply cables.
Step 5
Measure the resistance of the foil heating system and record the value. Verify that the values you measure are in line with the resistance values that are printed on the installation manual.
Step 6
Switch off the Foil heater and disconnect the thermostat from the supply when fitting the flooring. When installing the final floor, it is recommended that the panels or boards are installed perpendicular to the foil heating mats.
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