WIS heating cable installation guide

The WIS Heating Cable is designed to be placed within a cementitious screed of at least 50mm in thickness, with at least 30mm of screed above the heating cable. It is recommended that a floor plan is drawn up to determine the placement of the thermostat, heating cable and the sensor probe. This diagram should be kept for future reference.
The fixing strips should be laid out perpendicular to the heating cable runs. These fixing strips must be secured to the insulation or the concrete floor using fixing nails or an adhesive. It is important to ensure there is no movement of the fixings.
The fixing strips should be evenly spread across the floor at intervals of 0,75m. The fixing strips should be placed so as to leave a minimum of 100mm border all the way around the room.
Examine the cable and test the resistance BEFORE and AFTER installation.
The heating cable should then be laid up and down the room and clipped into the fixing strip. The cable spacing is determined by the product model. The cables should be spaced evenly at all times to ensure an evenly heated floor (minimum spacing is 50mm). The cables should never touch or cross each other.
The heating cable connection lead should be connected to the thermostat by a qualified and certified electrician. The heating cables should then be tested again BEFORE screeding. Record the readings. Once laid, the heating cables must be covered with a minimum thickness of 30mm of screed.
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