Whole house electric floor heating for sustainable homes

Sustainable homes
  • Sustainable homes are much more than the average ecofriendly homes because in a sustainable home a comfortable interior climate can be maintained without a traditional active heating system. The combined energy consumption of a passive house is in fact less than the average European home requires for household electricity and hot water.
  • The main factors contributing to this sustainability are: very high levels of insulation with minimal thermal bridges, intelligent use of solar and internal gains, excellent level of airtightness and good indoor air quality. With these features for sustainable homes in place, they do not need a traditional heating system to be comfortable to live in - the small heating demand can be met using an electric floor heating system, turning them to the ultimate in ecofriendly homes.
Why Electric Floor Heating Is Highly Suitable For Whole-House Heating In Sustainable Homes:
Effectively Zoned Heating
The ability to zone heating around a lifestyle is paramount to achieve efficiency in terms of both heating costs and comfort. With Warmup electric floor heating, each room has its own thermostat delivering precise heat to individual zones. This level of precision cannot be matched by alternative heating systems which means they are more prone to operate inefficiently
Precise Temperature Control With The 3iE Energy-Monitor Thermostat
Warmup electric floor heating delivers precisely the heat required. The Warmup 3iE™ energy-monitor thermostat has one of the most precise algorithmic controls to ensure the desired temperature is delivered. This means a home's temperature does not fluctuate inefficiently above and below the ideal temperature.
Healthy Living – In Air-Tight Houses
The reduction in air movement with electric floor heating means dust circulation is minimised, leading to an allergy free environment. This is an important feature to improve indoor air quality.
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