Warmup Product Warranties

  • Warmup's Underfloor Heating Systems are guaranteed by WARMUP Plc to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and maintenance, and is guaranteed to remain so subject to the limitations and conditions described in full in each of the product manuals.
Lifetime Warranty
Warmup's industry leading Lifetime Warranty is applied to two of our most popular products: the Loose Wire floor heating system (DWS) and the heating mat system (PFM). These floor heating products are warranted for the LIFETIME of the floor covering under which they are fitted. Please find full details for this exceptional warranty and its exclusions in the relevant product installation manuals.
15-Year Warranty
If you choose to use the Warmup Foil Heating systems (WLFH), your installation will be covered by a 15-year warranty. For further details on this 15-year warranty, please refer to the Foil Heater installation manual.
10-Year Warranty
Warmup's 10-year Warranty applies to our Inscreed floor heating cable (WIS). You'll find more details about conditions and restrictions in the Inscreed Cable installation manual.
3-Year Warranty
You'll receive a 3-year warranty when ordering and installing Warmup thermostats. Please find full details for the 3-year warranty in the thermostat installation manuals.
2-Year Warranty
Warmup mirror demisters and patio heaters, come with a 2-year warranty. Please check their respective installation manuals for full details and exclusions.
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