Warmup's Outstanding Product Quality

Is the heating core insulated with a quality fluoropolymer such as ETFE or ECTFE (Teflon), or does it use cheaper PVC instead?
  • PVC has a significantly shorter lifespan than ETFE and degrades with constant exposure to heating and cooling cycles
  • Warmup only uses the highest quality fluopolymers on all its thin-wire heating systems and absolutely no PVC.
Is the cable really as thin as they say, or will you end up buying a thicker wire that has to be covered with more expensive self-leveling compound?
  • Warmup is proven to have the thinnest underfloor heating wire in the industry, allowing you or your fitter to install it faster and with less material. It is so thin that it can be tiled straight over without the need for expensive and time-consuming self-leveling.
Has the product been certified by a neutral and independent recognized body such as BEAB, VDE or other, or does it only have CE mark?
  • A CE marking is a promise of quality, not a guarantee. That promise is given by the manufacturer, not a test house or governing body.
  • Warmup heaters & thermostats all carry the CE mark, however all Warmup systems & thermostats are further tested and certified by internationally trusted 3rd parties such as Intertek.
  • In fact, Warmup products comply with European norms, carry the CE mark and are accredited by all these leading institutions: SEMKO, UL, GS, CSA, CERTIF, VDE, BEAB, KEMA
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