Basic Principles of Electric Floor Heating

  • Electric floor heating systems are installed on top of a sub-floor material and underneath the floor covering material. When in operation, the system emits a low level of even heat through the floor surface material and the heat radiates upward. In the case of in screed heating the system is installed at the same time as the concrete floor, directly in the screed.
Electric Underfloor Heating Installation Diagram
Radiant Heat Signature For Underfloor Heating
The main characteristic of floor heating is that it radiates heat evenly upwards from your floor. This, in turn, creates the perfect heat signature for a comfortably heated home. The even heat distribution rises up slowly, warming extremities first and leaving higher parts of the room at a comfortable temperature. Unlike most traditional methods of heating this means the top of the room does not need to be overheated to make the lower parts of the room reach a comfortable temperature, which also leads to energy savings.
Warmup Electric Floor Heating Thermal Stratification Image
The graphics below have been created from tests on actual Warmup electric floor heating systems. These tests were conducted in our state of the art test facility in Germany. The heat signature created from a Warmup heating system is clearly visible with it's even heat distribution. It also shows how the room is quickly brought up to a moderate temperature.
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