Towel rails - Brief installation guide

  • Please note that this appliance MUST be installed as prescribed by the relevant electrical regulations, including the regulations covering installation of appliances and accessories in ‘wet areas’ such as bathrooms, showers and laundries. Installation should be in accordance with local regulations.
  • NOTE: This class I appliance requires an earth connection / An accessible all pole disconnection switch is required within the fixed electrical circuit of the heated towel rail.
  • The heated towel rail should be mounted vertically with the cord exiting from the base; it should be positioned at least 600mm above the floor.
Recommended mounting procedures
  1. Put the towel rail against the wall in the desired position.
  2. Check that there are no cables within the wall in the area you are drilling into.
  3. Using a pencil, draw around the end of each tube to mark their positions on the wall - ensuring that the rail is square on the wall.
  4. Remove rail from the wall.
  5. Using a suitable drill bit and adequate drill, drill a hole into the tiles/wall to the required depth.
  6. Place a wall plug in the hole.
  7. Place a screw inside the wall anchor and then screw it into the wall plug. Wall anchors should be used where the towel rail is being mounted onto plasterboard or tiles mounted on plasterboard.
  8. Put the towel rail on once all four anchors are in place then tighten using the Allen key provided.
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