Floor Heating vs Traditional Heating Methods

Traditional heating systems such as radiators and heat pumps are inefficient, expensive to maintain and take up valuable space! Interior designers know this and avoid them whenever possible. With floor heating systems you can use every square meter of your home the way you want to use it.
Inefficient Heat Signature
The diagram to the right gives an example of how heat is transferred from a central heating system. It shows how it can create a stuffy, uncomfortable atmosphere and promote heat loss through windows, walls, ceilings and roofs. The traditional heating systems' uneven heat distribution leads to the need to overheat parts of the room and the result is wasted energy which also means wasted money.
Electric Radiant Heat Signatures for Floor Heating vs Traditional Heating System
As can be seen in the radiant heat signatures below the heat emitted from a floor with Warmup electric floor heating (on the left) delivers a moderate temperature for the room as a whole much faster than a standard central heating system (on the right). This image also clearly shows the even heat distribution provided from a floor heat system compared to central heating.
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