Electric floor heating vs water based floor heating

Minimal structural changes
To accommodate the existing pipes of hot water systems it is necessary to raise the floor of at least 5cm. In contrast, the cables of an electric floor heating system may have a thickness of less than 3mm, not affecting the level of the floor.
Fast heat-up times
Unlike water based systems, the electric floor heating system is applied directly in contact with the final floor covering. With good thermal insulation, it becomes possible to attain an optimum temperature in just about 10 minutes, as opposed to about 5 hours the water based systems could take
Energy Efficiency
Electric floor heating systems are installed separately in each room and individually controlled by their thermostats. This way it is easy to obtain the desired temperature where and when required, thereby saving energy.
Reduced installation costs
Electric floor heating systems are simpler and faster to install than any water based system (approximately 3 hours instead of 3 days), which mean labor costs become negligible
Competitive operating costs
The use of an electric floor heating system can cost as little as 0,01€/m2/hr. On average, an electrical system is programmed to be set twice daily, continuously consuming power only during the initial heating start-up phase. The power consumption can be as low as one third of the time of operation. By contrast, water based systems consume energy for several hours due to the longer heat-up phase to reach the desired temperatures.
Zero maintenance
Water based heating systems require regular cleaning to minimize problems with water circulation. Electric floor heating systems have no moving parts and require no maintenance.
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