Benefits and advantages of electric floor heating

Warmth and Comfort
With its low operating temperature, electric floor heating delivers a comforting and even radiant heat across your whole floor surface, heating your home from the floor up. Simply program the thermostat around your lifestyle and you can relax knowing that the heating system will automatically keep you warm. When using radiant floor heat as a primary heat source for your home an added benefit is the elimination of cold floor surfaces forever.
Safe and Aesthetic
Completely invisible, the electric floor heating system lies beneath your floor surface doing away with the need for ugly radiators. As in interior designers dream, Warmup release 100% of your living space. Insulated, underground and wired directly to your electricity supply, Warmup electric floor heating is totally safe, with no direct contact with the heating element avoiding any risk of burns or asphyxiation.
Economic and Simple
Electric floor heating systems deliver a rapid and uniform distribution of heat, which helps optimize energy costs. Using one of our programmable thermostats, the temperature can be easily regulated and precisely controlled, bringing energy savings. Warmup heating systems are ultra-thin, have flexible sizing and/or allow easy cutting and shaping for installation.
Hygienic and Healthy
Due to the nature of electric floor heating you can achieve a heated home the healthy way. The even heat spread does not create the heat draughts that lift up dust and allergens like airflow heating systems. Electric floor heating is also odourless and does not create any fumes. Warmup Electric Floor Heating will improve the indoor air quality.
Both floor heating and traditional heating methods have their own unique strengths and benefits. However, there are a few key areas where floor heating outperforms any other type of heating.
Main advantages of electric floor heating vs water based floor heating systems
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