DWS heating cable installation guide

Smooth, clean and dry the subfloor surface. Paint the floor with the Primer (you do not need to use primer if installing on an insulated tile back board). The light green colour of the primer will change to a dark green once dry. Avoid traffic once primer is down.
Calculate in square metres the size of the area to be heated. Use the Sizing Guide (found in the back of the Installation Manual) to correctly fit your heating cable into the space provided. Layout the heating cable in parallel lines. Begin at the start point and in U shapes go to the furthest point. Using the cable spacing markings as tape down points, secure the heating cable to the floor with adhesive tape. Once completed, tape down the entire length of the heating cable, positioning the tape centrally over the cable.
Follow the instructions supplied with your thermostat. Your electric floor heating system will not function without a correctly installed thermostat.
Check if the heating cable is fully taped and secured. Grout the floor as soon as possible as per the manufacturers' instructions. Tile as normal, taking care not to damage or dislodge the heating cable.
  • The heating cable can be installed without the need for specialist tools or expertise (in accordance with local building code). It is important, however, that the Warmup Thermostat be connected by a qualified electrician.
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