DWS Heating Cable

  • We design our systems using a 2mm, ultra-thin, dual-core heating element. The small cross-section of our element allows it to be installed in a matter of hours without raising floor levels.
  • There is no need to dig up the floor and no need to mix concrete. Simply fix our heating element to the subfloor, tile straight over and say goodbye to cold feet for good!
  • The DWS heating cable system is ideal for a quick and easy installation in irregular shaped areas such as bathrooms and small kitchens
Features and benefits
  • Ultra-thin dual-core heating element won’t raise floor levels
  • Toughest and thinnest wire you can buy: 2mm, multi-strand core, double-insulated using advanced fluoropolymers
  • The heating element meets the highest safety standards
  • Quick installation – Single connection lead for fewer steps
  • Approvals: BEAB, CERTIF, KEMA, GS, and CE certificate
  • Guarantees: Lifetime warranty and Warmup SafetyNet Installation guarantee
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