Depth of Information

Can your supplier tell you exactly how your system will function and how much it will cost to run or are they just buying cheap goods, marking them up and selling them online?
  • Warmup operates a purpose-built, EN442-2 standard test facility in Germany allowing us to answer your questions on heat-up times, running costs and best operating procedures. We are the only company in the industry to have such a facility and the only ones who can answer your questions precisely and accurately.
  • Warmup electric underfloor heating replaced a water-based system in the BRE Renewable House to deliver low CO2 emissions, including both embodied carbon and low energy usage. It is proving the perfect system for this sustainable CSH Level 4 home that needs very little space heating to provide precise, zoned and easy to control heating. It is also demonstrating how healthier living is achieved by avoiding the creation of warm air currents. [url=](Click here for link to BRE Renewable House)[/url]
  • Warmup operates a 'live' test house in Berkshire (470 sq. metre CSH Level 4 house with a 4 person family, which found that it used the Warmup system for whole house heating for only 4.4% of the time from October 2010 to September 2011. Additionally, through a self-learning process, energy costs in 2011 were 55% less than October 2010.
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