Best Guarantees

Is the product warranty offered by a company with a proven track record and trading history, or is it from a faceless internet site?
  • Warranties and Guarantees are only as reliable as the company who stands behind them. Warmup was the first company in the industry to offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on its systems and is the only company to offer the SafetyNet™ Installation Guarantee.
  • Some companies offer guarantees and then are unable or unwilling to back them up. With the SafetyNet™ Guarantee, Warmup will replace any damaged heater returned to store for a FREE replacement; no questions asked. Some other companies offer warranties and guarantees that sound similar, but then refuse to honor them by hiding behind conditions such as having the wrong installer.
  • The real question is “will the supplier be here tomorrow if a problem occurs, or will they simply change the name of their website and leave you hanging?” Warmup is a real publicly traded company staffed by real professionals and has been standing behind its products and warranties since 1994.
  • Be very wary of "as seen on TV" and sharp/icons as an indicator of quality. It may just be a case of new website, same product.
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