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Warmup electric floor heating

Warmup electric floor heating
Warmup is the UK’s best selling brand of electric underfloor heating products, and one of the fastest growing in the world. Whether you are a homeowner, builder, architect or developer looking for the best under floor heating solution for your next project, Warmup is committed to offer you:
  • The best quality products
  • The best Pre and Post-sale services
  • Best warranties and guarantees
  • Commitment to Research & Development

Award Winning Products

Award Winning Products
  • Thinner: We use only the highest quality fluoropolymers to insulate our heater wires. This allows us to make our cables thinner (only 2mm thick!) while maintaining the highest levels of corrosion resistance and strength over the widest possible temperature range
  • Safer:With the help of individual testing bodies like ASTA-BEAB, KEMA, VDE and UL to name but a few, we are confident that our products will provide you with safe and efficient heating for a lifetime of warmth.
  • Stronger:We use a multi-strand wire to form the core of our dual wire heating element. Unlike the single strand used by lower-quality heaters, our wire will not weaken with age which is why we offer a lifetime warranty on our heating elements




Why choose Warmup electric floor heating?

  • Our Research & Development: The Warmup research and development team and facilities ensure that you have the safest, most efficient electric floor heating products available. Warmup has two EN442-2 standard test facilities operating continuously in Germany and only Warmup can tell you it costs precisely 0,01€ per m² per hour to run our systems.
  • Our Products: Warmup electric floor heating systems are designed to be the thinnest, toughest and easiest to install in the industry. Unlike other brands we use only the highest quality fluoropolymers to insulate our heater wires, not cheap PVC plastic which can become brittle over time.
  • Our Warranties: Warmup was the first to give a full Lifetime Warranty as well as our unique SafetyNet™ Installation Guarantee. We can do this because we use the highest quality wire and we manufacture and know our products.
  • Warmup has been expanding overseas since 2001 and we are continuing to invest heavily in establishing operations in more countries ensuring that all regional and country electrical and product standards are understood and surpassed. We're a proud UK business with worldwide experience. We can support our local distributors and customers with global knowledge and experience
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